Gold and black balloons read "Congrats Grad" and "Congratulations on your achievements"

UMBC’s Class of 2023

Musicians, community organizers, writers, engineers, teachers, lab and field researchers, artists, and scholar-athletes—UMBC’s class of 2023 has it all.

They’ve given so much to the UMBC community and now it’s time for them to share their talents with the world. Take some time to get to know a few of our remarkable Retrievers.

A mentor stands outside talking with a student about asking for help and community support with a building and trees in the background

Graduating students share how unexpected paths and community support got them to where they needed to be

“College can be a nerve-wracking and anxious experience, right? So when you have a question, or when you are feeling uncertain, when you are feeling overwhelmed, do me one favor,” said Joel DeWyer, director of campus life operations, encouraging students to find community support. “Find someone around you in your community and ask for help.”

Class of 2023 Student Profiles

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