A diverse group of young students sit outside at different tables around the university center. Some students are working on their laptops, some are chatting and drinking water. Buildings and trees surround them in the background.

Life on Campus

UMBC’s campus is all about the community experience.

Connect with others, find your place, and learn what it means to be a connected member of our Retriever community.

UMBC's mascot is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named True Grit, and a well-known statue of him sits in front of the campus gym. Three young women hold their hands over his nose for good luck. Each hand is wearing an alumni ring.

So many events and possibilities are waiting for you.

Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and all community members work to co-create a friendly and inclusive campus that feels welcoming for everyone, from anywhere.

Two young ladies sitting outside a residential area, smile at each other and use their laptops. Behind them is a brick building with trees and plants.

Our residence halls and apartments are easy to make into a home. 

Students love the independence of living on their own and the convenience of being close to class, friends, campus life, academic opportunities, and recreational activities each day.

UMBC's buffet-style dining hall

A variety of food options are available to you all across campus.

UMBC’s buffet-style dining hall is known to students as “True Grit’s.” Alongside that are numerous other places to grab a healthy meal, many of which are located in the Commons.

Steps with colorful renditions of book spines

Get ready for classes and find your retriever spirit gear, all in one place.

Located in the Commons, our bookstore has everything you need to prepare for your semester. Buy or rent books, sell your old books, and find UMBC-branded apparel, coffee mugs, dorm supplies, and more.

A motion-shot of people playing basketball in the refurbished Retriever Activity Center.

Physical activity is a great way to meet people and stay healthy.

UMBC’s Retriever Activities Center (RAC) has a fitness studio, weight room, cardio balcony, arena track, aquatics center, and more. We have seasonal intramural and club sports, and daily workout classes, too!

Looking for a casual get-together with friends or to join a serious sports team? Come to the RAC.

A variety of video, photographic, and sculptural artworks are displayed in a large gallery.

Enjoy inspirational works and performances at our creative spaces for interdisciplinary artists.

UMBC is home to our wide array of talented students and alumni. Here, there is always a beautiful gallery exhibition to explore and engaging events to help you think outside of the box.

From the CADVC to the Library Gallery and more, UMBC is rich in arts and culture.

A young man stands in front of a projector screen displaying a map. He is giving a presentation and has his hand up, holding a device to flip through his presentation slides.

Expand your experience beyond your coursework.

Whether you’re interested in a casual part-time job or looking to build your career, we’ll help you navigate our extensive range of options to find work experience that suits you.

The Career Center at UMBC helps you explore your options for work and internships both on and off-campus. With interview training and other resources, you’ll feel prepared to do your best.

Handshake is part of our career center and helps you search and apply for job and internship opportunities that are offered around campus, and in your professional areas of interest.

Did you know? UMBC’s main campus is right outside of Baltimore City, nearby Washington, D.C., and a three-hour drive from NYC.

Three friends sit together on white lawn chairs and overlook the campus quad, which is lush and grassy. Many students walk around in the distance, and there are a few buildings and trees around them.

From niche living and learning communities, to the largest social events and seminars – we are proud to help you dive deeper into your passions and curiosities, and meet people along the way.

With a community of over 10,000 students, there’s always something to do and someone to do it with.

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