UMBC's campus in the fall, featuring the AOK Library and its reflection in a pond surrounded by red, yellow, and green trees.

UMBC Leadership

Office of the President

This is where bold visions become reality. Discover our commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and service. Access our archive of presidential history and resources—and if you’re a student, take an opportunity to schedule office hours!

UMBC President Valerie Sheares-Ashby, speaking with a colleague during office hours.
Members of UMBC's leadership team, speaking together at the 2023 Fall Meeting.

Senior Leadership Team

Meet UMBC’s Senior Leadership team—a dynamic group of accomplished individuals shaping the future of higher education. UMBC’s leaders are dedicated to driving innovation and fostering student success.


The University System of Maryland shared governance includes many system-wide representative bodies. Through this collaboration, we shape our shared future and foster a thriving campus community.

UMBC's Administration building, viewed from below. Maryland and USA flags beside it.
Students cheering at their graduation ceremony.

UMBC Mission & Vision

At UMBC, we combine grit and supportive community to reach excellence across the board. We value each other as whole people and come together to learn, solve problems, create new things, and just have fun.

USM Logo with Maryland flag shield icon

UMBC is a member of the University System of Maryland

A 21-member Board of Regents, including two students, governs the University System of Maryland. Appointed by the governor, president of the senate, and the speaker of the house, the regents oversee the system’s academic, administrative, and financial operations; formulate policy; and appoint the USM chancellor and the presidents of the system’s 12 institutions.

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