UMBC History

In gold overlay, students sit around a table in the commons talking.

Milestones and Momentum 1992 – 2022

UMBC has grown in so many ways thanks to the leadership of President Freeman Hrabowski and the drive of our RetriEVER Empowered community near and far. Here are seven key points of Retriever pride from the last three decades.

Incoming President Surprises an Excited Campus

Valerie Sheares Ashby, current dean of Duke University’s Trinity School of Arts & Sciences, may not officially start her role until August 1, but she’s already making a splash on campus.

Change of Scenery—Then & Now

UMBC’s Catonsville campus has changed significantly since opening in 1966. How will it continue to transform?

Beautiful Dreamer

Stan VanDerBeek, who taught at UMBC for almost a decade, was more than an artist; he was a visionary who thought beyond limits and boundaries.

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