Two adults stand in front of a table with a blue table cloth with the letter GAO written in white a federal program.

Rooted in Advocacy—Giese ’99 ensures federal programs meet community needs

“The humanities, the cultural studies, provide important insights that we all need to influence the nation that we live in. It makes you think creatively about how you want to live your life,” says Danielle Giese’99. “Combining Africana studies with political science has given me incredible insights into how our government systems affect people of color. ” Continue Reading Rooted in Advocacy—Giese ’99 ensures federal programs meet community needs

A colorfully illustrated design in bright teals, yellows, and pinks, that show interconnected gears and pulleys leading to a lightbulb.

When We Work Together

On the eve of UMBC’s 50th anniversary in 2016, when the institution put forth a goal to raise $150 million— money that goes directly to student scholarships, graduate fellowships, professorial awards, and so much more— we didn’t question if we would succeed, we just wondered how we’d be able to capture the magnitude of the collective campaign when it came to a close. Continue Reading When We Work Together

A woman and a man celebrate Retriever scholarships at UMBC

Meet a Retriever — Phil Shockley ’04, M.P.P. ’09

Meet Phil Shockley ’04, political science and information systems, M.P.P. ’09. As an undergraduate, he was Student Government Association president and took part in interesting internships, and as an alum and donor he continues to engage and give back to his alma mater. He’s now making a UMBC education even more accessible to others by endowing a scholarship in honor of his parents. Continue Reading Meet a Retriever — Phil Shockley ’04, M.P.P. ’09

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