The Life-Changing Power of Giving

Giving Day 2021 is virtual and 36 hours long, spearheaded by two faces new to UMBC, but certainly not to the world of giving.

No Artist Stands Alone

In isolation during the pandemic, many of us are consuming or creating art and media, but we’re having to reinvent how to share that pleasure with others.

First In Class

It’s no secret why first generation college students thrive at UMBC. Our network of first generation staff and faculty make it the center of their work as educators and researchers.


A message from President Freeman Hrabowski and Provost Rous on UMBC’s work to address structural racism at UMBC.

black and white voting sign

This Time in America

Dr. Freeman Hrabowski and Dr. Philip Rous share reflections with UMBC alumni, faculty, staff, and students.

There’s No Such Thing As Small Politics

Retrievers are participating in politics on all levels—students as engaged citizens, professionals protecting our census data, artists illustrating complex ideas, and more.

Lifelong Learning

UMBC and the University of Maryland, Baltimore partnered recently to become Maryland’s first “age-friendly” universities.

Curating COVID-19

At times of momentous change, many take solace in creating — and the UMBC is no exception, adding to a long history of pandemic-inspired work.

Tough Times, Smart Planning

Ways our Retriever community is reaching together to offer sound advice on money, careers, and more.

The Power of Music

When junior Etai Fuchs heard about the economic devastation COVID-19 was wreaking on the music industry, he knew he was in a position to help.

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