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A family, coach, and athletic director stand with a softball player on the softball infield holding a framed jersey

Leading a (Retriever) Nation

It’s never easy to start a new job, but athletic director Brian Barrio had more to contend with than which parking lot to use. He joined #RetrieverNation in January of 2020 and after only two months (during which time, he even lived in a campus apartment), UMBC closed its physical campus due to COVID-19. With 17 Division I sports and over 350 student-athletes, this would have been a massive undertaking in the best of circumstances. We talked to Brian about what that transition was like, what he’s learned from the experience, and what’s up next. And he almost managed to make it through the entire interview without one sports reference.  Continue Reading Leading a (Retriever) Nation

Police officer and chocolate lab dog stare at each other at a table

What’s it Like When “Take Your Dog to Work Day” Is Every Day?

National Take Your Dog to Work Day might officially only be celebrated on the Friday after Father’s Day, but for Sergeant Jamie Cheatem of the UMBC Police Department, it’s every day. Coming up on their three-year anniversary this September, Sgt. Cheatem and Chip, UMBC’s comfort dog, have quickly become an inseparable duo both on the job and at home. Continue Reading What’s it Like When “Take Your Dog to Work Day” Is Every Day?

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