Campus Life

What Makes a Retriever?

UMBC has unique long-standing traditions, made especially dear to students and alumni because so many of them were conceived and implemented by students.

Incoming President Surprises an Excited Campus

Valerie Sheares Ashby, current dean of Duke University’s Trinity School of Arts & Sciences, may not officially start her role until August 1, but she’s already making a splash on campus.

Get Your Steps in with Dr. Hrabowski

As often as possible, President Freeman Hrabowski will take a lap around the campus that has shaped him as much as he’s shaped it.

Exploring Pathways to Social Change

UMBC students use their Spring Break to deconstruct their ideas on service and learn more about the community of Baltimore.

UMBC Responds to Putin’s War in Ukraine

Following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the Retriever community has turned to students and faculty to provide insight on the subject, as well as ways to help.


The 9 Best Places on Campus to Enjoy Fresh Air

In celebration of spending time outdoors in all seasons, here are a few of the best spots on and near campus to enjoy some fresh air in the new year.


Then & Now—Cicada Invasion

The 2004 appearance of the locusts only warranted one story in the Retriever. But this year’s cicadas got a celebrity welcome.


Up On the Roof—Fall 2021

After announcing his retirement earlier this year, President Hrabowski reflects on his time at UMBC and shares his hopes for the future of the university.

First-Year Retrievers Buck the Trend

Super seniors and graduate students are dominating most NCAA rosters, but at UMBC, many first-year Retrievers are contributing to their teams’ success. 


Game Changers

Learning and play can look a lot alike. Both call for creativity, curiosity, practice, and reflection. That’s why some Retrievers are combining the two.

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