Campus Life


Game Changers

Learning and play can look a lot alike. Both call for creativity, curiosity, practice, and reflection. That’s why some Retrievers are combining the two.

UMBC After Dark

Life doesn’t pause when classes end and the sun goes down. Instead, students grab a cup of coffee and find a million ways of following their interests bringing campus to life.

How to Chill Out

A great way to reconnect, relax, and recenter is through yoga. Let Joella Lubaszewski ’10 teach you the art of finding your calm.

Q&A: Celebrating our Veterans

In honor of National Veterans Week, we’re chatting with UMBC senior media and communications major Alexandra Hulett, a veteran of the United States Army.

The Hospitality of UMBC’s Student Clubs

As a new semester gets underway dozens student organizations readily welcome Retrievers who may not assume that the club is for them.

Photo Essay: Celebrating Campus Sustainers

While the pandemic required most of our community to adjust to virtual life at home, other Retrievers worked tirelessly on campus to keep UMBC running.

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