UMBC education faculty and partners work to humanize K-12 distance learning

“We value the humanizing practices that are often embedded in the teaching practices of Black teachers,” explains Keisha McIntosh Allen, assistant professor of language and literacy education. “This is an opportunity for them to lead and share their knowledge, which is often overlooked by teacher evaluations that do not acknowledge these approaches to teaching.”

UMBC’s Anthony Johnson honored for decades of research, mentorship, service

Anthony Johnson has received the Stephen D. Fantone Distinguished Service Award from the Optical Society. His long-term commitment to optics includes major research achievements, dedicated mentoring to students from all backgrounds, and leadership roles in several professional organizations.

Portrait of a smiling middle-aged South Asian man wearing a white button up shirt. He sits in front of a desk with tech equipment.

Chronicle features UMBC as a leading voice on the future of higher ed

A new report from the Chronicle of Higher Education features UMBC’s peer-based work to boost faculty diversity. For decades, UMBC’s strong reputation for inclusive excellence has focused on student diversity. The new UMBC case study in “Diversifying Our Campus: Key Insights and Models for Change” expands that conversation.

A woman with long dark hair pulled back in a pony tail by a white, black, and orange scarf wearing a black shirt and white pants walks on a paved walkway with a green tree and some green shrubs behind her and a short yellow wall and a city behind her.

New UMBC grads honor parents’ immigrant journeys by forging their own paths

Graduating seniors Anthony Cano, Renato Zanelli, and Maya Scheirer came to UMBC with pride and hunger instilled by their immigrant parents’ work ethic. They brought rich cultures, languages, and hearts full of dreams and aspirations with the goal of forging futures of their own. “As a first-generation college student,” Zanelli says, “I can now be a role model for my younger cousins. I can help and inspire them. They will not have to do it alone.”

UMBC study reveals gender bias in bird song research and impact of women on science

“I believe this paper is a great example of how diversity expands the type of research scientists are doing,” says Casey Haines ’19. “A diverse pool of researchers may result in new questions being asked and new approaches to answering those questions. I would love to see this type of research applied in other areas of STEM.”

UMBC’s newest Postdoctoral Fellows for Faculty Diversity explore who has a voice in literature, policy, and social movements

“UMBC is giving me the ultimate opportunity of time and support to think, write, and teach about what matters to me the most—conducting research about my community,” says Fernando Tormos-Aponte, political science. He shares the same enthusiasm that Emily Perez, English, and Blake Francis, philosophy, have about their new appointments as 2019-2020 Postdoctoral Fellows for Faculty Diversity.

Two faculty members talking at a university research event, with three additional faculty members having a separate conversation in the background.

UMBC chosen to host AAAS science and faith dialogue project

“UMBC is blessed with such diversity in every imaginable dimension that it is an exciting place to experience a scholarly exploration of the interface between science and faith,” says event co-organizer Steve Freeland.

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