In the midst of challenging times, the UMBC community always finds ways to support each other.

We’ve called on our GRIT to do great things.

Now, We’re Calling on You

FY22 1966 Society & Hilltop Society Members
471 Hilltop Society Members
76 1966 Society Members
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Carrying on a Philanthropic Legacy

Inspired by her mother’s philanthropic giving, Hema Gowda ’01, biological sciences, established the Gowda Scholarship Endowment for UMBC in 2016 to help students interested in pursuing graduate studies in pharmacy find success at UMBC.

“When [my mother] retired, she set up endowments at [The University of Maryland,] College Park in the name of her parents because they were the ones that pushed her for higher education,” says Gowda. “She is the person she is today because of them…So I’d always been inspired by that and wanted to give back to UMBC because it was the foundation for my career.”

Introducing the Challenge Cups

The College Cup is a year-long challenge between UMBC’s academic colleges to reach the highest alumni giving participation amongst alumni of that college. The Varsity Cup is a year-long competition between UMBC’s athletic teams to reach the highest alumni-athlete giving participation amongst alumni of that team.

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Logo of UMBC Varsity Cup, featuring the athletics retriever logo within a large letter "V".

UMBC Foundation, Inc.

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All contributions are administered by the UMBC Foundation, Inc., for the benefit of UMBC.

The UMBC Foundation is part of the University System of Maryland Foundation, Inc., which was founded in 1979 as a not-for-profit corporation separate from the University System of Maryland. The Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization.

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