UMBC and Morgan Stanley support students and research in data-intensive computing fields

Published: Nov 12, 2018

The student recipients of scholarship funding from Morgan Stanley, with Dr. Anupam Joshi, right. Photo by Raquel Hamner '21, visual arts, for UMBC.

UMBC and Morgan Stanley have established a new partnership to support students and research in data-intensive computing fields. The collaboration is made possible by Morgan Stanley’s contribution of $125,000 toward several UMBC initiatives, renewable annually for up to four additional years.

The financial services firm will support scholarships for students in UMBC’s computer science programs who are doing research focused on data science related topics, to help meet increasing demand for skilled data professionals in Maryland and across the United States. UMBC’s Center of Accelerated Real Time Analytics will also receive funding from Morgan Stanley to support research addressing major data storage and analytics/machine learning  challenges by using next-generation hardware. Additionally, Morgan Stanley will continue to work with the UMBC Career Center as an employer partner, and leverage UMBC Training Centers for Morgan Stanley leadership and data science course training.

Reflecting on the new scholarship program in particular, Anupam Joshi, UMBC’s chair of computer science and electrical engineering, says, “We are excited to grow our collaboration with Morgan Stanley to prepare talented students for data-focused careers.”

Scholarships will be awarded through the newly established Data Science Scholarship Fund. UMBC faculty and staff will select student recipients based on academic achievement and a desire to do research in data science related areas.

The initial group of selected scholars has four women and four men. “Morgan Stanley already employs so many UMBC graduates and student interns,” says Joshi. “This scholarship fund further supports our shared commitment to developing a diverse talent pool for the future.”

“Training the next generation of data scientists and investing in data science research are both key to advancing technology innovation,” said Michael Wertheimer, Technology Managing Director at Morgan Stanley. “We are thrilled to support UMBC and look forward to welcoming UMBC graduates interested in joining Morgan Stanley.”

Scholarship recipients will also have the opportunity to meet with Morgan Stanley executives to network and learn about career pathways within the company, while taking courses at UMBC in topics such as computing principles, data analysis, machine learning, high performance computing, data management, and ethical and legal issues.

Banner image: Morgan Stanley scholarship recipients with Dr. Joshi in October 2018. From top left, Caroline Kery ’18, computer science and mathematics, and M.S. ’20, computer science; Kasra Darvish, Ph.D. ’24, computer science; and Nitu Choudhary, M.S. ’20, computer science. From middle left, Sandesh Timilsina, M.S. ’20, computer science; Devajit Asem, M.S. ’20, computer science; and Christian Angel Ph.D. ’24, computer science. From bottom left, Prachi Bhalerao, M.S. ’20, computer science, and Rebecca Brennan, M.S. ’20, computer science. Photo by Raquel Hamner ’21, visual arts.


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