Ten million reads: UMBC researchers hit milestone in sharing knowledge through The Conversation

Articles on The Conversation offer context to current events, explain natural phenomena, introduce new research in an accessible way, and more. “The Conversation helps us contribute to our public service mission as a public university,” says Vice President for Research Karl Steiner. “This milestone underscores the importance of academic researchers actively participating in the public discourse of complex issues.”

UMBC, State of Maryland launch Maryland Institute for Innovative Computing at cyber summit

The MIIC will address pressing challenges related to computing, analytics, and workforce in state agencies, with a focus on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and data science. “Maryland is showing the way by creating this innovative partnership that brings together experienced faculty and students…with state agencies that need support facing pressing challenges,” says Anupam Joshi, director of UMBC’s Center for Cybersecurity.

By Saving One Life, You Have Saved All Humankind

Mohammed Khalid was the youngest person convicted of terrorism in the U.S. After his deradicalization, Khalid now researches ways to avoid extremism online.

UMBC’s newest computing grads, from bachelor’s to Ph.D., share stories of connection, support, opportunity

UMBC’s newest graduates in computing and data science fields include students at all stages in their education and careers. Undergraduates, master’s students seeking to access new career opportunities, and Ph.D. students completing high-impact research have thrived at UMBC. Many cite the university’s strong academics, accessible faculty, research opportunities, and connections across disciplines as drawing them to UMBC.

Entrepreneurs and experts gather for bwtech@UMBC Cybertini event on election security

Nearly 100 industry experts and entrepreneurs gathered virtually for Cybertini 2020, hosted by bwtech@UMBC, UMBC’s research and technology park, on October 15. The annual event offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn from industry professionals and experts in academia, and this year focused on cybersecurity related to elections.

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