Donald Norris, Public Policy, in the Baltimore Sun

Published: Aug 17, 2011

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake had raised $1.4 million this year, the Baltimore Sun reported Tuesday, more than all her opponents combined and enough, according to her campaign, to fund an aggressive television campaign in the Baltimore mayoral race’s final weeks. But Donald Norris, chair of public policy, argues that now is not the time for her to relax if she wants to win re-election. “No matter what the poll numbers, no candidate, whether incumbent or challenger, can take their campaign for granted,” Norris said. “She’s got to raise money, and she’s got to campaign.” Norris also notes, however, that Rawlings-Blake’s challengers will likely be less effective due to their sheer numbers, as the multiple competing candidates will carve up anti-incumbent contributions and votes.

Norris frequently offers media insight on state and local politics and was also quoted in the recent Washington Post story, “For Maryland Lawmakers, High Stakes as Annual Lobbying Ritual Begins at Ocean City.”


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