Photo by Arvin Chingcuangco on Unsplash

A Conversation About the End

The End-of-Life Act was passed through the Maryland House of Delegates before it met its defeat in the Senate by one single vote.

Akousmaflore et Lux by Scenocosme

Get Out and Explore DC: In Peak Bloom

If you missed the DC cherry blossoms, In Peak Bloom, which explores the life of the Sakura tree and our connection to its short life and fragile beauty, may just be the next best thing.

Maceo Thomas with capoeira class.

Roda to Resistance

This weekend, while millions watch the biggest football event of the year, Maceo Thomas ’93 will celebrate community and resistance through capoeira.

Moments of Truth

We’ve all had these moments. Moments of wondering aloud. Moments of principled argument over sandwiches in The Commons. Moments of listening and believing as someone’s personal truth unfolds before you. Moments of examining our ideals and acting upon them.

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