Welcome Recently Hired Staff to UMBC

Published: Aug 31, 2011

To our recent staff new hires and re-hires:

We are delighted you have chosen UMBC as your place of employment, and we welcome you to the campus community.

Each new employee comes to UMBC with a unique set of skills, abilities and talents. You have the opportunity to contribute directly to UMBC’s success and our primary objectives: (1) to be one of the best public research universities in the nation; (2) to be a major resource for Maryland and greater Baltimore; and (3) to create a campus community that finds enrichment in cultural and ethnic diversity.

Again, welcome to UMBC, and we hope that your experiences here are rewarding.

  • Patricia Love, Food Services
  • Andrew Tracz, Intercoll Sports Admin
  • Frederic Minsk, MIPAR
  • Henry Mink, Mechanical Engineering
  • Meaghan Murphy, Intercoll Sports Admin
  • Christine Hiles, Columbus Center Operations
  • Pamela Arroyo, Counseling
  • Terrelle Burney, FM Landscape & Grounds
  • Ebony Nicole Alderman, MIPAR
  • Judith Fine, MIPAR
  • Justin Perry, Shriver Center
  • Sarah Jewett, Office of Provost
  • Luis Pinet Peralta, Sociology Dept
  • Jason Parr, Intercoll Sports Admin
  • Elyse Nicole Ashburn, Office of Mktg & Creative Srv
  • Anthony Cho Dwyer, Shriver Center
  • Teressa Yvonne Freeman, Dept of Marine Biotechnology
  • Manpreet Aujla, Shriver Center
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