UMBC Alums to make B.F.A.: The Series

Published: Aug 12, 2013

A group of UMBC theatre alumni have something to say about life in the arts, and they’re saying it with a new Baltimore-based web series, B.F.A.

On the group’s Indiegogo fundraising page, they explain the series:

B.F.A. is a new web series about young theatre artists in Baltimore. B.F.A. stands for Bachelor of Fine Arts, but also many other things, including Baltimore, Friends, and Artists. In B.F.A., four recent college graduates are trying to find their niche in the Baltimore theatre scene when Ryan, a friendly nemesis from school, returns home after a successful stint in “the biz.” As Ryan tries to make himself at home in a place he is unwelcome, his new habits learned while on the road follow, shaking up the lives of his begrudging roommates and old friends. A web of romances, friendships, and business partnerships intertwine as these 20-something artists attempt to navigate through post-college life in Charm City.

The series is being written, acted, directed and produced by a cast of alumni including Katie Kopajtic ’11, acting; Sean McComas ’11, acting; Kiirstn Pagan ’11, theatre; Katie Hileman ’12, acting; David Brasington ’12, acting; Anderson Wells ’13, acting; and Jessica Poole ’13, acting. 

They’ve already produced the first episode of B.F.A. and held a screening party at the Creative Alliance in June. They are currently working to raise money for the production of the remainder of the the first season. As they explain on Indiegogo, they believe that the series will “change the way people view Baltimore. B.F.A. will not only give jobs to young creative professionals in the Baltimore area, it will promote the arts in Baltimore to a large population of people who are unaware of the exciting emerging independent theatre and art.”

Learn more about B.F.A. and the group of UMBC alumni behind it.

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