The Pursuit Of Excellence

Published: Aug 16, 2016

(The pursuit of excellence with professors pictures)

From the day UMBC opened its doors, the work of teaching and research has been at the heart of university life. The love of learning has been passed on by the university’s faculty across disciplines in lecture halls, laboratories, office hours, and in the field. We’ve selected some of the best images of a dynamic endeavor of teaching and exploration that has stretched from 1966 to the present day, aspiring not only to excellence but to greater access for all students to the wisdom and understanding that our faculty carry with them.

TOP (Left to Right): Paul Lovett, Professor of Biology; Felix Powell, Professor of Music BOTTOM (Left to Right): Patrick Canavan, Professor of Visual Arts; Karen Vitelli, Professor of Ancient Studies
TOP (Left to Right): Jim (En-Shinn) Wu, Professor of Physics; William Bettridge, Professor of English; Bernard Rabin, Professor pf Psychology; BOTTOM (Left to Right): Sinan Koont, Professor of Mathematics; Daphne Harrison, Professor of Africana Studies
TOP (Left to Right): Timothy Brennan, Professor of Public Policy and Economics; Carol Hess, Professor of Dance; BOTTOM (Left to Right): Chen Yung-Jui, Professor of Electrical Engineering; Ivan Kramer, Associate Professor of Physics
TOP (Left to Right): Bruce Walz, Professor of Emergency Health Services; Andrew Miller, Professor of Geography and Environmental Systems; BOTTOM (Left to Right): Marilyn Goldberg, Professor of Ancient Studies; Doug Hamby, Associate Professor of Dance
TOP (Left to Right): Marie DesJardins, Professor of Computer Science; Zeev Rosenzweig, Professor of Chemistry BOTTOM ( Left to RIght): Jason Schiffman, Associate Professor of Psychology; Kimberly Moffitt, Associate Professor of American Studies
TOP (Left to RIght): Thomas Field, Professor of Linguistics and French; Michael Summers, University Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry; Lisa Moren, Professor of Visual Arts BOTTOM: Steven McAlpine, Assistant Director, Interdisciplinary Studies


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