Partnership with BAE Systems Will Support Teaching, Research and Tech at UMBC

Published: Nov 1, 2011

A partnership between BAE Systems and UMBC will support teaching, research and technology development in the cybersecurity field. The $150,000 investment will not only include a partnership with UMBC’s Career Services Employer Partnership Program, but enable UMBC’s Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering to develop an active learning computer science classroom that meets the unique goals and challenges of the department’s introductory courses.

Paul Falkler, BAE Systems’ Vice President and General Manager of Information Technology & Cybersecurity Solutions (ITCS) said, “While working with UMBC over the last eight years, I have continuously been impressed by the high level of professionalism of its employees, its strong academic programs and the caliber of its students. This past summer, we needed interns to support our cybersecurity business on short notice, and UMBC delivered talented ones that helped shaped the solutions we offer our customers. That’s very impressive.”

Read the full story on the UMBC News site.


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