Meet a Retriever—Merryll Kallungal ’24, translational life science technology graduate

Published: May 29, 2024

a woman translational life sciences student in a t-shirt poses on a bridge outside
Meet Merryll Kallungal, a brand new graduate of the translational life science technology program at UMBC at the Universities at Shady Grove. In this program, students like Merryll learn hands-on skills through biotechnology labs and other applied experiences. We’re excited to hear all about her experience. Take it away, Merryll!

Q: What’s one essential thing you’d want another Retriever to know about you?

A: I majored in translational life science technology (TLST). I mainly attended the USG campus. I was part of the Peer Advisory Team. Outside of classes, I am interested in dancing, reading, and enjoying time with family.

Q: What’s the one thing you’d want someone who hasn’t joined the UMBC community to know about the support you find here?

A: All of the professors have been so wonderful in helping me with any questions i had, whether it be about classes or internship. Your advisors will always be helpful in figuring out what steps you have to take when it comes to registering for classes and also when looking for internships.

four women from UMBC's translational life sciences program in graduation robes pose together outside
Kallungal (second from right) and classmates at UMBC-Shady Grove celebrate their recent graduation. Photo by Godwin Aizenofe ’24, translational life science technology.

Q: What did you love most about the translational life sciences program at UMBC-Shady Grove?

A: What I love about the TLST program is how close the students are with each other since we are smaller major. Also, how I was able to have that one-on-one relationship with my advisor who is also my professor.

Q: What brought you to UMBC in the first place?

A: I came to UMBC at USG because the program that I was interested was only offered at USG. Plus at USG, the smaller classes allowed me to interact with my professor and get any help I need.

Q: Were you a student leader? What did you like most about it? What advice would you give incoming students?

A: Aside from being the Vice President of the Biotech Club, I was also part of the USG student council, and both these leadership experiences have helped me immensely to become a better student and also improve my leadership skills.

Q: Where are you headed from here, now that you’ve graduated?

A: My post graduation plans are to enter the work field and join a biotech company where I was an intern for the past year, then slowly think about joining graduate school for my master’s.

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UMBC’s greatest strength is its people. When people meet Retrievers and hear about the passion they bring, the relationships they create, the ways they support each other, and the commitment they have to inclusive excellence, they truly get a sense of our community. That’s what “Meet a Retriever” is all about.

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