Slideshow: House of Grit

By: Jenny O'Grady
Sep 27, 2017

(View of buildings and walkway)

Many of our earliest Retrievers remember fulfilling their physical education requirements in Gym I (above), while students looking for a place to lift weights from 1999 to the present spent that time in the Retriever Activities Center across from the Administration Building. Today, UMBC is mere months away from opening the new UMBC Event Center, a 172,000 square foot multi-purpose facility that will house men’s and women’s basketball and women’s volleyball, as well as provide a venue for a variety of events, such as concerts, featured speakers – and Commencement.

Learn more about the new UMBC Event Center  — set to open in early 2018 — here, and enjoy this slideshow of photos of construction, ranging from Fall 2016 through Summer of 2017.
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