Fall 2009: UMBC Life Before the Commons

Published: Jan 1, 1970

The opening of The Commons (above) in 2002 was a landmark in UMBC’s history. Not only did the state-of-the-art student center become a magnet for campus dining, meeting and games, but its central location has reshaped and reoriented the entire landscape of the campus.

But what made way for The Commons? UMBC alumni of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s have fond memories of Gym 1 (bottom left), which was razed to make way for the new student center.

For a largely-commuter campus, such as UMBC was in the first 25 years of its history, Gym 1 provided a memorable campus meeting point with its “commuter cafe” (bottom center). The space not only provided a place for study and socializing, but also hosted performances and meetings.

Today, of course, Market Street (bottom right) on the first floor of The Commons provides a similar gathering point for the dining, social life and camaraderie that so enrich the university experience.

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