Chelsea Moyer, Program Coordinator, Wins Outstanding Service to Students Award

Published: Apr 9, 2015

ChelseaMoyerCongratulations to Chelsea Moyer, the 2015 Kendall Outstanding Service to Students Award recipient at The Universities at Shady Grove. Chelsea is currently a Program Coordinator for UMBC-Shady Grove, mainly working with prospective students and applicants for the four undergraduate programs offered in Rockville.

Nominated by her colleagues and UMBC students, this award is given to a staff member working at a partner institution at The Universities at Shady Grove with a minimum of two years of service. The recipient must demonstrate commitment to students through high quality student services, be an active participant in student life, and participate in professional/leadership development goals.

A colleague stated, “Chelsea sees leadership and potential in those who wouldn’t see it in themselves. Not only is she a valuable recruiter, coordinator, and advocate for our programs, she is also a wonderful friend, who truly cares about the students, faculty and staff at USG.” Student comments include, “She is a motivator and supporter. I have never met someone like her, without her help, I would not be where I am today.” “She is very passionate and enthusiastic about her job; you can tell she really loves what she does.”

As the Program Coordinator, Chelsea has been active in recruitment at the community colleges and in developing a strong and diverse marketing plan to attract students to UMBC. She has worked with UMBC’s Undergraduate Admissions staff and other departments to ensure our applicants have the best experience possible during the application process through orientation. Chelsea also developed and advises UMBC-Shady Grove’s Peer Advisory Team or “PAT”, a student organization that reaches out, serves and creates meaningful connections with prospective students through a variety of formal and informal recruitment and retention events. PAT members undergo extensive leadership development led by Chelsea, which has led to great student growth throughout their involvement. Prior to joining UMBC, Chelsea was a Counselor at Penn State’s Student Support Services Program at University Park and an Admissions Counselor at Penn State York. Chelsea is an alumna of The College of William and Mary and is currently enrolled in University of Maryland Baltimore’s MSW program.

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