Annual Mulligan Lecture Recognizes 2014 Scholar

By: UMBC News Staff
Jun 13, 2014

Berghaus2014-6824_modEditor’s Note: The UMBC physics department recently honored the life of Joseph Mulligan, one of the founding faculty members, with their annual Mulligan Lecture and award. This year’s recipient, Kim Berghaus, is the first undergraduate student to receive the award. Her lecture, presented on May 14, 2014, is titled “The Life and Work of Albert Einstein.” Recently, Berghaus shared her thoughts with us on this opportunity:

The Mulligan lecture is a beautiful tradition, held every end of the school year about a topic in the history of physics to honor Joseph F. Mulligan. Holding this meaningful lecture was an amazing opportunity for me to get involved and connect with the physics department beyond just the classroom.

(L-R) Hilke Berghaus, Francisca Berghaus, Mrs. Mulligan, Kim Berghaus, Rafael Berghaus

Presenting my work to faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students, in and outside of physics, was an important lesson for myself and prepared me for future communication of my scientific work.

The Mulligan award allowed me to do original research on Albert Einstein and visit the Einstein Museum in Berne. That journey was the foundation for my lecture, as it exposed me to deeper insight
into his life.

The lectureship also strengthened my applications to graduate school and helped me get admitted into great physics Ph.D. programs such as Johns Hopkins University and the University of Texas in Austin. I am grateful for the unique opportunity and my special thanks goes to Mrs. Mulligan.

– Kim Berghaus, ’14, physics

Watch Berghaus’ lecture here!

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