A Mother’s Day Gift will Support Arts at UMBC

Published: May 10, 2018
(Dr. Young and other woman hold UMBC sign)
Donna L. Young (left) and her daughter, Dr. Nancy Young, Vice President for Student Affairs, unveil a plaque celebrating the naming of UMBC’s Scene Shop.

Mother’s Day came a week early for Donna L. Young when the campus celebrated the naming of the UMBC Scene Shop in her honor by her daughter, Nancy Young, Vice President for Student Affairs. The Youngs were joined by friends and students for an enlightening behind-the-scenes tour of the stage, as well as scene and costume shops inside the Performing Arts and Humanities Building (PAHB).

Opened in 2014, the PAHB was designed to enhance UMBC’s teaching, research, and public outreach, and to heighten the visibility of the arts and humanities as major components of campus and community life. Students who major in theatre, in particular, wind up getting a taste of every aspect of production, from lighting and costume-making, to scenery production and acting.

The honoree, who took a theatre minor at College Park and enjoyed her time behind the scenes there, told the students she met they were “unsung heroes.” Then she saw their work in action as guests ended the evening watching a riveting performance of Machinal (pictured above).

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Donna L. Young talks with current theatre students about their work in the Scene Shop.
The Youngs and Scott Casper, dean of the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, tour the theatre.
Gregg Schraven ’97, theatre, (center), tells guests about production capabilities in the Scene Shop. Schraven is Production Manager/Technical Director, and a lecturer at UMBC.
Guests get a close-up look at costume designs for a range of shows at UMBC.
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