You’ve Got Questions, We’ll Get You Answers

Published: Jan 1, 1970

Question SquirrelBecause you attended UMBC, you know the university better than most. But even though you’re part of the on-campus community, I’m sure you have questions about the university, its traditions, and its history.

As we prepare for UMBC’s 50th anniversary in 2016, we’re going to answer some of those questions about mysteries of campus history and culture but we want to hear from you and your questions about UMBC that you have always wondered about such as:  “Why is there a silo at the entrance to campus? How did UMBC get its “free hour?” When did UMBC become a chess powerhouse?”

Please send us your questions about UMBC. It’s easy — just click here. And please include your full name, graduation year, and major. We’ll have answers to many of the questions in this fall’s issue of UMBC Magazine!

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