UMBC Training Centers Launches Cyber Academy

Published: Sep 7, 2012

UMBC’s Training Centers launched its Cyber Academy program on September 10th, with the new certification program profiled by Baltimore Business Journal‘s Sarah Gantz in an article published September 7th.

In the subscriber-only article, UMBC Training Centers President Kent Malwitz spoke with Gantz about the idea behind the academy, where already-existing security courses will be tied with more specialized ones to aid in preparing students for entry-level technology jobs at cyber-security companies. The purpose will be to aid students who might not necessarily be as initially tech-oriented as others, and to help them gain more work in this information era, as well as the possible benefit to computer science students, as well.

“f you have a liberal arts background, you have a lot to bring to the table,” said Malwitz. “A lot of the knocks on people who are purely technical is they don’t have the communication skills.”

Gantz wrote that the program will be divided into three and four-week sessions, and will teach skills which can have immediate use as well give “a well-rounded understanding of how to apply technology in cyber security settings,” according to Homer Minnick III of  the university’s Center for Cybersecurity Training, who added that “the folks who really get into this are the ones who want to know how stuff works, [and have] a general thirst for more knowledge of whatever kind.”

Gantz wrote that as of July, there were 400 cyber security students involved in the Center for Cybersecurity Training, and with the addition of the Cyber Academy, the Center will grow to 1,200 by 2013.

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