UMBC Alums: Educating the Community

By: UMBC News Staff
Aug 10, 2015

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Here at UMBC our students and alumni understand the importance of education can have on not only our own lives but in the lives of the younger generations. Knowledge allows you to break through social, political, and economic barriers while producing self-pride and a motivation to share the resources we have been given.

Courtesy of Zach Sparks
Photo Courtesy of Zach Sparks

Austin Murdock ’15, computer science, shares college advice with students from Bodkin Elementary and Chesapeake Bay Middle School. Murdock presented the students with a motivating and educational message about the lessons that he learned throughout his collegiate career and how the “path you take is not as important as what you get out of it.” He shared his story about how he was accepted to all eight ivy league schools but chose not to attend any of them.

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Wutoh photoDr. Anthony K. Wutoh ‘87, biochemistry & molecular biology, was appointed the Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Howard University. Dr. Wutoh ascends to his new role after educating students since 1996, when he began his career at Howard University as an assistant professor. In his academic career, Dr. Wutoh’s passion for research has resulted in over $50 million dollars in grants from such reputable organizations such as National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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