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Behind the Lens: Photographing UMBC Swimming & Diving

UMBC Magazine‘s longtime photographer Marlayna Demond ’11 is used to going to great lengths to get her shot. A former Linehan Scholar, she climbs on tables and ladders to achieve the right angle. She waits quietly in the cold for the right moment to snap the shutter. (Here’s one example of that.) She takes hundreds—and sometimes thousands—of photos to get the one perfect for print. And who even knows how many squirrel portraits she’s captured over the years, simply because we asked? In short: she’s a true team player. So, when we decided to write a feature on UMBC’s award-winning… Continue Reading Behind the Lens: Photographing UMBC Swimming & Diving

graduating students laugh at undergrad commencement

Wow Moments

Who inspired YOU most as a student at UMBC? We asked, and you answered! #UMBCwow “Ilsa Lottes pulled me into Sociology, and Leslie Morgan convinced me to pursue a Ph.D. Both women were amazing mentors! So many great professors…a lot of fun was had in Rudy Storch’s Latin classes and I find myself still referring back to Jay Freyman’s word roots class.” — Connie Krach Pierson ’90, economics, M.A. ’92, sociology “Professor Schaller. He not only pushed me harder than any other professor, but he intensified my interest in politics and government. I still can’t believe he gave a quiz… Continue Reading Wow Moments

Slideshow: Moving In at UMBC

Move-in day is a highly anticipated undertaking for college students everywhere, and UMBC is no exception. Lugging their suitcases, decorative furnishings, and pre-semester anxieties, UMBC students swarm the campus to turn their little dorm into home for the next four months. Sometimes they enjoy a little help from family and friends. Below are recent images of Retrievers moving in and enjoying the campus-wide welcome. A big thank-you to Alexis Harris ’19 for taking the photos! [nivoslider id=”8438″] Move-in day excitement always carries over into Welcome Week activities where students meet up with old friends and make new ones, too! Below… Continue Reading Slideshow: Moving In at UMBC

#YouAreWelcomeHere: Making International Students Feel Right at Home

Upon entering the UMBC campus, visitors arriving at the drop-off circle in front of the Administration Building are greeted in a way that’s uniquely UMBC — with bricks saying “Welcome” in dozens of languages from around the world. The greetings are subtle but plentiful, displayed on the grey areas of the brick pavement. This is but a small example of the many ways that diversity is celebrated on this campus, including the numerous flags of the world on display in The Commons, the variety of culturally-based clubs and organizations, and more. And, UMBC is always finding new ways to welcome international students to our campus,… Continue Reading #YouAreWelcomeHere: Making International Students Feel Right at Home

Q&A with Mary Stuart: Making a Case for Women’s Voting Rights

In 1972, professor Mary Stuart fought to keep her maiden name and vote in Maryland, in what became a landmark case for women’s rights. Forty-five years later, the professor of Sociology, Anthropology, and Health Administration and Policy at UMBC reflects on the experience and the ways it has impacted her teaching at UMBC.   – Allison Cruz ’18 * * * * * AC: When did you move to Columbia, Maryland, and why? MS: I think we moved to Columbia, Maryland, in 1971. I had graduated from college that year and got married. We were locating there because we both… Continue Reading Q&A with Mary Stuart: Making a Case for Women’s Voting Rights

Video: Top 5 Reasons to Catch Retriever Fever

From the bonfire and Alumni Awards, to our soccer game and annual Comedy Show featuring Trevor Noah, UMBC Homecoming is not to be missed! What are YOUR top five reasons for catching Retriever Fever? UMBC Homecoming 2017 runs October 5-14, right here on campus! Learn more at homecoming.umbc.edu. Video by Jenny O’Grady.

Video: Eclipse-Watching, UMBC Style

Along with the rest of the country, members of the UMBC community came together to try to catch a glimpse of August’s total eclipse of the sun. Although Maryland was not in the “path of totality,” the 80% view from Catonsville still elicited the “oohs” and “ahs” of bespectacled Retrievers in front of the Albin O. Kuhn Library – where staff offered demonstrations in pinhole viewer construction – and around campus. [nivoslider id=”8382″] Photos by Marlayna Demond ’11

Video: A Trip to Baltimore’s Oldest Markets

Want to learn more about how Kate Drabinski’s summer course is exploring food justice in Baltimore? UMBC Magazine’s Jenny O’Grady tagged along for a recent walking tour, exploring local historic food markets and a community garden. Learn more about UMBC’s Summer Session here.

Karyn Cruz eats dessert at Dhall

What Do Retrievers Eat?

With mouth-watering masalas, sushi, fried chicken, and other delicious dishes to be had in The Commons, True Grits dining hall, the UC and elsewhere on campus, what exactly do current Retrievers choose to eat when left to their own devices? UMBC Magazine intern Allison Cruz ’18 braved the lunch lines to find out. Read more about UMBC’s high marks for dining here.

Video: The Beats Go On

In Spring 2012, we wrote about Jerry Cimino ’76, history, founder of San Francisco’s Beat Museum, which he founded in 2003 at 540 Broadway to pay homage to a generation of writers and artists who continue to inspire him. In this video, watch Jerry recite from memory “Sometime During Eternity” from Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s A Coney Island of the Mind. Read his full story, The Beats Go On, here. Video by Jenny O’Grady.

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