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How to Chill Out

A great way to reconnect, relax, and recenter is through yoga. Let Joella Lubaszewski ’10 teach you the art of finding your calm.

How To Paint a Mural

This UMBC senior took a drab wall outside OCA Mocha and transformed it, giving local coffee lovers a floral feast for the eyes.

How to Throw a Hammer

It’s widely accepted that you need to practice a skill for 10,000 hours before becoming an expert. Andrew Haberman has a different number in mind—20,000 throws.

How To Spot Maryland’s State Bird

A life-long ornithophile walks readers through spotting the Baltimore Oriole in its natural habitat.

How to Become an American Ninja Warrior

Mama’s Boy Dan Eiskant ’19, media and communication studies, took the American Ninja Warrior challenge head-on and has competed two trials so far. He’s also teaching the next generation of ANJ hopefuls.

Fanzines from UMBC's Special Collections

How To Become a Fanzine Fan

Lucky for us, UMBC’s Special Collections has an out of this world selection of fanzine treasures!

How To Lead a NASCAR Pit Crew

As a boy, John Klausmeier ’04, mechanical engineering, dreamed of working in the racing industry. He began working toward his current role as crew chief at Stewart-Haas when he was a student at UMBC, where he was able to take classes that would allow him to develop the skills needed to succeed in the motorsports industry.

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