Poet of democratic practices

Tess McRae ‘22, individualized study, visited UMBC’s campus several times as a teenager, and says “I was always entranced by how beautiful it was and how clearly I could imagine myself thriving here.”

UMBC’s Farah Helal, longtime student advocate, is named USM student regent

Farah Helal ’24, global studies and political science, is the newly appointed 2022 University System of Maryland (USM) student regent. “Student representatives provide educators and policymakers with the perspective needed to ensure the student voice is valued and understood throughout the decision-making process,” she says.

A woman with long dark hair pulled back in a pony tail by a white, black, and orange scarf wearing a black shirt and white pants walks on a paved walkway with a green tree and some green shrubs behind her and a short yellow wall and a city behind her.

New UMBC grads honor parents’ immigrant journeys by forging their own paths

Graduating seniors Anthony Cano, Renato Zanelli, and Maya Scheirer came to UMBC with pride and hunger instilled by their immigrant parents’ work ethic. They brought rich cultures, languages, and hearts full of dreams and aspirations with the goal of forging futures of their own. “As a first-generation college student,” Zanelli says, “I can now be a role model for my younger cousins. I can help and inspire them. They will not have to do it alone.”

T-shirt, canvas bag, flyer and stickers with large text reading, "Cast Your Whole Vote"

Students reflect on UMBC’s top-ten finish in national democracy challenge and post-election community conversations

“It’s important to vote, but also to recognize voting as just one way to make a difference in our communities and nation,” share David Hoffman and Romy Hübler. “UMBC’s Cast Your Whole Vote campaign encouraged members of the UMBC community to learn about issues, engage in civil conversations, and contribute their time and talent to building a better world on Election Day and every day.”

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