Student Success Takes Your Support

Published: Jun 26, 2012

Every day, we in the office of Alumni Relations hear about students making the most of their time here at UMBC…and beyond! However, many of these students wouldn’t be able to attend UMBC without the scholarship support they receive.

There are students like Jeremy, who fell in love with the poetry of Marlowe and Donne and took acting classes at UMBC. We just found out he got a great job in publishing after graduation — congratulations, Jeremy!

There are students like dance major Paige, whose life was turned around by the chance to volunteer in Haiti as junior. We got to see the amazing piece she choreographed during Undergraduate Research & Achievement Day — well done!

And, there’s Gift — a member of the class of 2012 who plans to study cardiology next year, and who hopes to someday open a free clinic in his native India. Clearly, he was aptly named!

Students like Jeremy, Paige, Gift — and so many others — thrive at UMBC because of the community, the challenges, and the learning experiences they find in such great abundance here. But, without scholarships, many would not have the chance to even start.

Please make your gift to UMBC before the end of the fiscal year (June 30). You can support student scholarships, your favorite academic department, a sports team, or the university’s greatest need. Every gift counts!

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