Meet an Alum: Drew Ballantine ’14

Published: Oct 10, 2014

Name: Drew Ballantine ‘14, information systems
Employer: Berkshire Associates Inc.

submitted by Drew Ballantine
submitted by Drew Ballantine

Q: Where are you from originally?
Glen Burnie, MD

Q: What’s your favorite UMBC memory?
Sledding with other members in the Pep Band in Hartford

Q: Why do you think it’s important to support UMBC?
I think it’s important to support UMBC because it’s a great school. It provides a lot of different opportunities for us, both in majors and extracurricular activities. It pushes us to really define ourselves and discover who we really are. And we should give back so that it can continue to do so to the younger generations.

Q: Do you have a favorite hobby or pastime?
My favorite hobby is to play the drums.

Q: If stuck on a desert island with a CD player and only one CD, which CD would that be?
They’re Only Chasing Safety by Underoath.

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