[Excerpt] UMBC Rugby Celebrates 30 Years!

Published: May 15, 2014


Sometimes, the strongest legacies arise from the humblest beginnings. For UMBC’s rugby team – one of the oldest clubs on campus – it all began with a bag of chips, a few cold ones, and a group of determined guys. On May 3, the team proudly celebrated its 30th anniversary – a true legacy for UMBC and the ruggers.

Andrew Gaither ‘94, history, a current rugger and member of the Alumni Association Board, is overwhelmed and honored that the team has lasted this long. “I don’t think anybody thought we’d get this far,” says Gaither. “Having endured 30 years and seeing what it was and what it is now is kind of amazing – I’m looking forward to the 50th.”

Read the full story by Jessie Orsburn on our giving blog.

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