Chiropractor Sokoloff ’82, HESP, Travels With Ravens

Published: Feb 4, 2013

sokoloffMany of us in Baltimore were captivated by the magic of the Superbowl this weekend. But chiropractor Alan Sokoloff ’82, health science and policy, found himself truly in the thick of Ravens mania, traveling with the team to New Orleans to make sure the players’ joints were ready for the big game.

In an interview with the Annapolis Capital newspaper, Sokoloff — founder of the Yalich Clinic of Glen Burnie — talked about his work with Baltimore’s football team:

“A receiver, for example, wants to be able to run as efficiently as possible,” Sokoloff said. “But one leg might not be able to extend as far as the other. If we can open up that joint, we can get a lot more movement. His stride is going to be that much better.”

This is his second Superbowl with the team. Read the full story in the Capital here.

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