BreakingGround Initiatives Highlighted in Diversity & Democracy

Published: Feb 24, 2015

breakingground_fnlBeverly Bickel, associate director of Language, Literacy and Culture doctoral program, Craig Berger, and David Hoffman, Student Life, were published in the latest edition of Diversity & Democracy, a publication by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

In the article, Bickel, Berger and Hoffman write about the democratic strands in UMBC’s history and how BreakingGround initiatives are fostering civic engagement and imaginative thinking. They describe how transparency and authenticity created spaces for positive contributions, saying “[BreakingGround’s] philosophy emphasized that individuals and collaborative groups are powerful agents of meaningful change, and that students deserve genuine respect as agents in their own lives and as partners in building community.”

Another article in the issue written by Timothy Eatman and Scott Peters, co-directors of Imagining America, praises the initiatives fostered by BreakingGround. “UMBC is suggesting answers to the questions… about what should be done—not just for relatively new public institutions, but across all of higher education,” they write.

Click here to read “Democratic Agency and the Visionary’s Dilemma” by Beverly Bickel, Craig Berger and David Hoffman.

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