Alums Make It Easier To Share A Cold One

Published: Apr 4, 2012

Two information systems alumni are using their entrepreneurial spirit to make happy hour just a little bit happier.

As reported in the Arbutus Patch, alums Ryan Bricklemyer ’04, M.S. ’06, and Sean Kennedy ’06, have launched a website called BeerGivr that allows users to buy a beer — or an entire round — for friends at Baltimore bars without being present to pay the tab.

“There’s tons of different applications. I’m going to miss a party; I lost a bet. There’s tons of ways… beer is kind of like its own little currency,” said Bricklemyer, who noted that 16 Baltimore-area bars are participating so far, with more on the way.

“In consulting you constantly say ‘I owe you a beer.’ It is this thing that everybody says.  I think I owe cases of beer to people because I’ve said it so much.”

Read the full story in the Arbutus Patch.

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