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By: UMBC News Staff
Feb 20, 2014

We are proud of our alums and their constant achievements. Three of UMBC’s alums, in particular, have made it in the news and we thought you should know! Read about Sean Scheidt, Zofie Lang, Terry Nolan and their stories of success.

Sean Scheidt ‘05, visual arts photography, is featured on BuzzFeed for his before-and-after photographs of burlesque performers. Take a look at his ability to create and capture these artful transformations, or as BuzzFeed’s Matthew Tucker puts it, his ability to challenge “preconceptions of the performance art.”

11 Eye-Opening Before-And-After Photos Of Burlesque Performers

Photo via Sean Scheidt

More of Scheidt’s intriguing photography can be found on his site,

Photo via BlackRock Center For the Arts

Zofie Lang ‘02, psychology and sociology, will be presenting her 12-piece assemblage at BlackRock Center for the Arts’ show, Collective: a visual narrative of tale, time, and thought. She is proud to be presenting alongside artists Renee Lachman and Henrik Sundqvist. Lang will use digital photography, found objects and photo montage to explore folklore, literary tales and their meanings. Details about the show can be found on BlackRock Center for the Arts’ site.

Lang’s personal site,, also provides a sneak peek of some of the pieces she will be presenting at the exhibit.

President of the Arbutus Business and Professional Association, attorney Terry Nolan ‘82, political science, is committed to his job and prides himself on giving back to and growing his local community – it’s where his heart is, explains his wife, Patti Sue Nolan. Nolan works out of his law office in Arbutus and has made a name for himself amongst the town in which he lives. Read more about Nolan’s success in The Baltimore Sun’s article.

Photo via Baltimore Sun

If you are a UMBC alum and have a story of success, we’d love to hear it. Add a class note here: Submit class note.

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