Winter 2010: Traveling the World with UMBC’s Ancient Studies

Published: Jan 1, 1970

Ancient studies at UMBC has always meant to travel, as we discovered when Phyllis Hicks Clark ‘70, history, shared her photos with UMBC Magazine of a 1969 ancient studies trip to Greece. Forty years later, UMBC students went back to Greece on an ancient studies-organized trip. Here are some photographic relics of both journeys.

Picture Captions:

The amphitheatre at Epidauros (330 BCE), shot in 2009.

1969 UMBC sojourners caught Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis on film at an Athens market.

Larry Wilder ‘70, biological sciences, at Olympos.

Billy Johnson, a current student in Ancient studies, at the Temple of Athena Aphaea on Aegina.

Phyllis Hicks Clark remembers that “most of us had never been on a plane before.”

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