Alumni Profile

Body of Work

It was at UMBC that Arteche decided to delve into other ways of exploring their identity and visibility through art and culture.

Supporting the Whole Student

Thirty years later, Lewis still feels a sense of real connection to the campus and works to help other alumni engage with students and the institution.

Building Back Baltimore

As executive director of Baltimore Homecoming, Robbin Lee gives back to the city that shaped her college years and has come to be home base to her community.

An Interrupted Education, Completed

Bob Bolton ’70, funds a scholarship in honor of his mother Elinora Bolton, who returned to college after having 10 kids and earned her degree alongside him.

An Act of Kindness Inspires a Legacy

Ricardo Zwaig was close to dropping out of school, but an unexpected financial gift allowed him to complete his degree. Now a judge, he’s giving back.

Making a Path to Mentorship

Lacking mentorship during her schooling, Ashwag Alasmari created an organization for women in computer science.

On Thin Ice

As scientists study how the Arctic affects and is affected by climate change, the work of Kurtz and others will fill in a crucial knowledge gap.

Pursuing Art and Peace Through Theater of Ideas

A master storyteller, Asif Majid bridges multiple worlds with his work in theatre. The pandemic allowed him to tackle an additional world—the virtual stage.

Who Cares for the Caregivers?

Sarah Christa Butts ’07 is used to battling big societal problems. Now she’s working to make sure social workers are themselves are adequately protected.

Photo by Dixie Gaultney.

A Doctor’s Dilemma

Decentering whiteness while working as a doctor abroad has made alumnus Matthew Loftus examine his medical methods and motivations again and again.

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