Prepare for a double take: West Hill gets a makeover

Published: Nov 13, 2015
(Construction at West Hill)
Choptank after the renovation.

After 35 years on campus, West Hill Apartments are finally getting a makeover! Over the summer, UMBC began work  to fully renovate five apartment buildings that house 236 students. West Hill, UMBC’s first campus apartment complex, has been here since 1980, so we’re sure you’ll agree the updates are as welcome as they are striking.

Choptank before the renovation (in case you needed a reminder).

The work on West Hill caps off several years of renovation projects for the campus apartments, and completion is anticipated in summer 2016. Earlier this fall, students moved into the completed halls with work continuing on the newly vacated spaces.

New exterior community gathering spaces will be developed as part of the project, including a small recreation field. The community is supported by the adjoining Residential Community Center, with large communal rooms, meeting spaces and laundry facilities.

When renovations are complete, the buildings will feature:

  • New siding and windows
  • Enclosed stairwells that feature key-swipe access.
  • Each room in each apartment requires key-swipe access
  • Lifted ceilings
  • Sensor-activated lighting for increased energy efficiency
  • Upgraded electrical wiring and mechanical systems
  • New wall finishes
  • Improved bathrooms
  • ADA accessible rooms
  • Full refrigerators
  • Built-in routers
  • Smart desks

Check out photos of the transformation!

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