Mitchell ’09, Music, Launches CD and Film with Band Swampcandy

By: Magazine Editor
Apr 8, 2013

Ruben Dobbs and Joey Mitchell of Swampcandy perform at Slim's in Raleigh NC.
Ruben Dobbs and Joey Mitchell of Swampcandy perform at Slim’s in Raleigh NC.

Annapolis-area blues duo Swampcandy — one half of which is comprised of bassist Joseph Mitchell ’09, music — launched a new CD and documentary film this month, according to a feature in the Capital newspaper.

The article states:

“Fresh in the footsteps of the last month’s successful Annapolis Film Festival, the combination of the 17-song CD, the vinyl release and the film premiere of “Midnight Creep” melds an already deep music scene to the emerging focus on film, underscoring Annapolis’s art-for-art’s-sake scene.

The crowd-funded film, like the duo’s music, is a mix of genres — part documentary, part music video, part art house.

Read the full Capital story here.

Mitchell, who has performed with Swampcandy founder Ruben Dobbs for two years, plays percussive standup bass and kickdrum. The documentary follows the creation of the new CD, and features plenty of performances.

Read more about the band here.

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