Missing the Dawg Days? Try UMBC's New Virtual Tour.

By: Magazine Editor
Feb 15, 2012

Haven’t been on campus in a while? Well, now it doesn’t matter how many miles may separate you from your alma mater.

Thanks to a collaboration between UMBC’s admissions department and the IRC (Imaging Research Center), you can take a virtual 360-degree tour of campus from the comfort of your own couch.

The new virtual tour includes tree-lined, student-filled panoramas covering the entire campus. The interface allows you to “walk” down UMBC’s main street (or through the library, The Commons, or nearly anywhere else you might like to visit) with a click of a mouse. Michelle Jordan ’93, visual and performing arts, of UMBC’s Creative Services office, helped create the website.

“We know there are plenty of prospective students out there who would like to see UMBC for themselves, but who are too far away to make the trip. This makes it easy and fun,” said Erika Ferrin, director of marketing.

“The bonus here is that alumni can also use the tool to see a place that’s familiar in their memories — but that has changed and grown over the years since they graduated.”

View the Virtual Tour here.

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