Catonsville Gallery to Feature Alumni and Student Printmakers

Published: Dec 6, 2012

Final_Postcard_5x3.5_FRONTThe David Mikow Art Gallery — which opened this fall in the Catonsville home of UMBC political science professor Carolyn Forestiere — will feature an array of “Images in Print,” all created by UMBC alumni and students. The show is co-curated by visual art professors Calvin Custen and Irene Chan, and opens this Friday, December 7, 5-7 p.m.

The work of the following alumni will be shown (all visual arts majors, unless noted): Sandy Chiang ’11, Elizabeth Guidara ’11, polisci, Erin Johnson ’12, Boram Lee ’12, Ka Lai Lou ’11, Brittney Nichols ’12, Sohee Oh ’11, Pat Sedlander ’12, Jenna Ullrich ’10, Laura (Meg) Viar ’11, psychology, Kayla Vlahos ’11, Jessica Voss ’12. A selection of work by the following students will also be displayed: Samantha Warren, Karina Alcazar, Heather Brown, Alexandra Buyalos, Judy Caracofe, Wyatt Jaster, Sharon Kusiak and Jingfei Lu.

For directions and more information about the show, please visit the gallery website.

The gallery featured alumnae photographers at its first show. Read more about the opening here.

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