Carton '90 Headlines UMBC Social Media Conference

Published: Jan 27, 2012

Baltimore social media entrepreneur Sean Carton ’90, English, headlined UMBC’s inaugural Social Media Strategy Summit today, speaking to a group of more than 80 from local colleges and universities about the “Myths & Realities” of social media in higher education.

Founder and director of the Center for Digital Communication, Commerce, and Culture at the University of Baltimore, and chief creative officer of idfive, a Baltimore-based advertising, web design, brand consulting, and digital media agency focused on higher ed and non-profits, Carton joked that as long as viral videos like “Charlie Bit My Finger Again” rise to the top of Internet viewership, social media practitioners will have to continually change to stay relevant.

“Until then, we all have to kind of work together to figure it out,” said Carton, who was named an Outstanding Alumnus of the Year by UMBC in 2005.

Read more about the Summit here. Stay tuned for video of Carton’s talk.

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