Administrative Departments

Note: All phone numbers start with the 410-455-XXXX exchange.

Academic Services
Phone: X2729

Phone: X3882 l Fax: X1068

Academic Outreach
Phone: X2680 l Fax: X1089

Administration & Finance
Phone: X2939 I Fax: X1050

Admissions, Undergraduate
Phone: X2291 I Fax: X1094

Alumni Relations
Phone: X2904 I Fax: X1079

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, College Of
Phone: X2385 I Fax: X1095

Athletics and Physical Recreation
Phone: X2126 I Fax: X3394

Audio Visual Services
Phone: X2461 I Fax: X3213

Phone: X2665 I Fax: X2696

Budget Office
Phone: X2541 I Fax: X1916

Career Center
Phone: X2216 I Fax: X1075

Catering, Food Services
Phone: 443-612-8378 | Fax: X8993

Central Receiving
Phone: X2317 I Fax: X1106

Child Care Center
Phone: X6830

Commons, The
Phone: X1000 I Fax: X1588

Communications Services
Phone: X2100 I Fax: X2828

Comptroller’s Office
Phone: X3977 I Fax: X1068

Counseling Center
Phone: X2472 I Fax: X2399

Creative Services
Phone: X1302 I Fax: X1889

Dining Services, Chartwells
Phone: 443-612-3663

Division of Professional Studies
Phone: X2336 I Fax: X1344

Emergency, Police
Phone: X3133

Emergency, Health
Phone: X2542

Engineering & Information Technology, College Of
Phone: X3270 I Fax: X3559

Enrollment Management
Phone: X2097 I Fax: X1094

Escort Service (Police)
Phone: X3133

Evening Student Services
Phone: X3333 I Fax: 1141

Facilities Management
Phone: X3219 I Fax: X1831

Faculty Development Center
Phone: X3916

Financial Aid and Scholarships
Phone: X2387 I Fax: X1094

Financial Services
Phone: X53882 I Fax: X51068

Food Services, Chartwells
Phone: 443-612-3663

Goddard Earth Sciences & Technology CTR (GEST)
Phone: X8808 I Fax: X8806

Glass Shop
Phone: X2966

Graduate School
Phone: X2537 I Fax: X1130

Phone: X2067

Health Services, University
Phone: X2542 I Fax: X1125

Helpdesk (Computing)
Phone: X3838

Honors College
Phone: X3720 I Fax: X1063

Hotline, Information & Closings
Phone: X3100

Housing, Off-Campus
Phone: X3399

Human Relations
Phone: X1606 I Fax: X1713

Human Resources
Phone: X2337 I Fax: X1064

ID Cards
Phone: X2188

Phone: X1000

Insights Weekly, Faculty/Staff News
Phone: X1509 I Fax: X1096

Institutional Advancement
Phone: X2902 I Fax: X1096

Institutional Research
Phone: X2111 I Fax: X1126

Information Technology, Division of
Phone: X3838 I Fax: X1065

International Media Center
Phone: X2464

International Programs
Phone: X2703 I Fax: X1054

Janitorial Services
Phone: X2550

Learning Resources Center
Phone: X2444 I Fax: X1057

Library, Albin O. Kuhn
Phone: X2232 I Fax: X1078

Mail Room
Phone: X2280

Management Advisory Services
Phone: 1354 I Fax: X1009

Meyerhoff Scholars Program
Phone: X1354 I Fax: X1281

Multi-Cultural Affairs
Phone: X2686

Natural and Mathematical Sciences, College of
Phone: X2513 I Fax: X1072

Newspaper, The Retriever Weekly
Phone: X1260 I Fax: X1265

Phone: X1000

Phone: X3244 I Fax: X1141

Parking Services
Phone: X2551

Payroll Processing
Phone: X3857

Phone: X3136 I Fax: X1087
Emergency Only: X3133 

President’s Office
Phone: X2274 I Fax: X1210

Phone: X2072 I Fax: X1009

Provost’s Office
Phone: X2333 I Fax: X1107

Pub (Flat Tuesday’s)
Phone: X1203 I Fax:

Radio Station
Phone: X3192

Registration (Registrar’s Office)
Phone: X3158 I Fax: X1141

Residential Life
Phone: X2591 I Fax: X1058

Retriever Fitness Center
Phone: X3086

Risk Management
Phone: X2918 I Fax: X1166

Scheduling: Events & Facilities
Phone: X3455

Shriver Center
Phone: X2493 I Fax: X1074

Shuttle Bus/Transportation
Phone: X2454 I Fax: X1169

Sponsored Programs
Phone: X3140 I Fax: X1876

Student Affairs
Phone: X2393 I Fax: X1077

Student Events Board
Phone: X3618 I Fax: X3642

Student Health Services
Phone: X2542

Student Judicial Programs
Phone: X2453 I Fax: X1077

Student Life Office
Phone: X3462 I Fax: X1097

Student Support Services
Phone: X3250 I Fax: X1057

Summer & Winter Programs
Phone: X2335 I Fax: X1322

Technology Center
Phone: X5900 I Fax: X5901

Technology Development
Phone: X1414 I Fax: X8750

Theatre Box Office
Phone: X2476 I Fax: X1046

Training Centers
Phone: 443-543-5400 I Fax: 443-543-5410

Phone: X2454

Undergraduate Education
Phone: X5752 I Fax: X1198

University Center
Phone: X1000 I Fax: X1588

University Health Services
Phone: X2542 I Fax: X1125

Video-Conference Center
Phone: X3686

Phone: X2317 I Fax: X1106

Winter & Summer Programs
Phone: X2335 I Fax: X1322

Women’s Center
Phone: X2714

Work Control
Phone: X2550

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