The Academic Minute: There’s No Dissertation Like a Done Dissertation

Published: Oct 20, 2023

Ramon Goings wearing a blue blazer and red turtle-neck stands outside in front of large pine trees. Academic Minute
Ramon Goings. (Marlayna Demond '11/UMBC)

Doctoral students diligently work through coursework to become doctoral candidates. But, the process of writing a dissertation sometimes overshadows the joy of moving closer to earning a Ph.D. Family and work responsibilities can pose additional barriers to completing a dissertation. 

Ramon Goings, associate professor of language, literacy, and culture, notes that over 40 percent of doctoral students who enter a program and do not finish recognize the dissertation process as a major contributing factor.

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His research found that once students finished their classes, projects, and presentations, the structure that had scaffolded their progress throughout the program did not continue during the dissertation process. “In my research, I sought to unpack the beliefs and skills that propel doctoral students to finish their dissertation in one year or less. What I found can be broken down into what I call the 3P Formula. People + Process = Product,” Goings explains to Lynn Pasquerella, president of the American Association of Colleges and Universities and host of The Academic Minute, a daily show featuring faculty from colleges and universities worldwide speaking about their cutting-edge research. 

UMBC’s Academic Minute takeover week

Goings joined five UMBC scholars this fall in UMBC’s first Academic Minute Takeover Week, featuring the latest research in media and communication studies; philosophy; modern languages, linguistics, and intercultural communication; and history. This series is republished on NPR podcasts and Inside Higher Ed.

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