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Colorful bubbles and circular photos of various headshots

Connecting the Dots

For students pursuing experiential learning through internships, campus jobs, research, and community engagement, it’s not just about learning how to do the thing they want to do. It’s about connecting the work to the passions that brought them to UMBC in the first place. These students and alumni working in their chosen fields tell the whole picture—what hands-on learning looks like when it comes full circle. Continue Reading Connecting the Dots

Beyond Midlife: Kathy Marmor’s new artwork explores memory and embodiment for women in midlife

Western culture remains terrified of aging, particularly for women, but that fear doesn’t stop any of us from actually aging. Kathy Marmor delves into the heart of these anxieties with a pair of innovative collaborative works, now on view at the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture. Continue Reading Beyond Midlife: Kathy Marmor’s new artwork explores memory and embodiment for women in midlife


Game Changers

Learning and play can look a lot alike. Both call for creativity, curiosity, practice, and reflection. That’s why some Retrievers are combining the two. Continue Reading Game Changers

SPARK IV: A New World?

UMBC artists are once again in the limelight at the annual SPARK pop-up gallery, a joint project with Towson University that can be enjoyed in person through June 26 at Maryland Art Place in downtown Baltimore. Continue Reading SPARK IV: A New World?

Losing Winter

Losing Winter, a new exhibition opening in mid-July at the Maryland Center for History and Culture (MCHC) in Baltimore, examines changes in winter weather patterns through photographs, video, and personal memory. Continue Reading Losing Winter

Q&A: View from the End of the Road

When the pandemic first hit, many of us found ourselves looking closely at what surrounded us and what confined us. For Brea Souders ’01, visual arts, however, the circumstances drove her to look outward through the screen of her upstate New York window, and to wonder deeply about the lives happening beyond her driveway. Continue Reading Q&A: View from the End of the Road

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