Spring 2018

The Shot Heard ‘Round the World

When UMBC dethroned the University of Vermont, 65 – 62, to win the America East men’s basketball champion ship on March 10, few anticipated the journey ahead. A stunning three-point shot by Jairus Lyles, with less than a second left on the clock, didn’t just catapult UMBC to the NCAA tournament, it set the tone for the nail-biting, heart-pounding, history-making run that would follow.

Rhodes to Success

Becoming an academic superstar doesn’t happen overnight. It takes grit, character, and a community of true believers. Luckily for Naomi Mburu ’18 — UMBC’s very first Rhodes Scholar — she has all three.

Entrepreneurs Rising

Every day, UMBC researchers work tirelessly to make and build upon discoveries in their fields. For many, these successes lead to scientific publications, opportunities for further funding, or both. For some, however, a discovery is also the first step in a long and often winding pathway to entrepreneurship.

Brew Grit

In an industry that rewards ingenuity and thrives on comradery, hard working UMBC alums are making their alma mater proud — one pint at a time.

How To Lead a NASCAR Pit Crew

As a boy, John Klausmeier ’04, mechanical engineering, dreamed of working in the racing industry. He began working toward his current role as crew chief at Stewart-Haas when he was a student at UMBC, where he was able to take classes that would allow him to develop the skills needed to succeed in the motorsports industry.

Hop to It: Devin Meek, Professional Jump Roper

Monday through Thursday, he’s your average student. But once Friday rolls around, UMBC sophomore Devin Meeks packs his bags and does a forward 180, traveling the world for his part-time job: professional jump roper.

LEGO Maniacs – STEM Learning in Action

Jennifer Sleeman, Ph.D ’17, computer science, shares her love of programming via the Einstein Narwhals, her son’s FIRST LEGO League team.

Night Earth observation of Japan taken by Expedition 44 crewmember astronaut Scott Kelly, with a Soyuz Spacecraft connected to the Mini Research Module 1 (MRM1), and a Progress Spacecraft visible. Courtesy of NASA.

Star-Struck: An Astronaut’s Pivotal Moment

For astronaut and best-selling author Scott Kelly — who spent a short time as a Retriever in the 1980s — a small but pivotal spark happened on the UMBC campus.

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