Laura Hussey, Political Science, on WYPR

Published: Apr 23, 2015

Laura HusseyLaura Hussey, an associate professor of political science, recently discussed on WYPR the police accountability bills that died in committees on the last day of the 2015 Maryland General Assembly session. In the story, Hussey said it was a lack of unity that may have led to the bills’ failure.

“Activists need to have some sort of consensus around what’s going to be a viable policy solution to this issue and I don’t think that consensus is there yet,” she said.

Hussey also discussed the belief among some that police accountability is mainly a Baltimore City problem. “Those in outlying areas maybe not so convinced that there’s a problem with police brutality that needs to be reined in,” she said, “they’re afraid that they may be making big changes that will hurt areas where there aren’t problems to help those where there is.”

To listen to the full story on WYPR, click here.

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