Julie Rosenthal, Asian Studies, in the Howard County Beacon

Published: Jan 7, 2015

In its January issue, the Howard County Beacon published an article about the Food on the 15th program and UMBC’s Asian studies food pantry program for low-income Asian seniors at Longwood Apartments in Columbia.

Asian Studies Food Pantry2

Asian Studies Program Management Specialist Julie Rosenthal is founder and director of Food on the 15th and was quoted extensively in the article. Longwood Apartments was added to the program last year, and an internship was created for UMBC students to work as food pantry workers and translators for Chinese and Korean residents living in the apartments. Rosenthal saw a need, and now the program has delivered more than 18,000 bags of groceries and toiletries free of charge to the seniors. A community service project for children of all ages was also started as a component of the program to show them what some of the seniors go through on a daily basis.

“I wanted them to see the beginning, the middle and the end of the project, when they collected the food, sorted it and delivered it,” Rosenthal said. “The parents were also involved.”

To read the full article in the Howard County Beacon, click here (continued on pg. 9). For more information on the Asian studies food pantry program, click here.

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